STONES STORIES is a jewelry line that is inspired by the rich Amazigh culture. STONES STORIES owes its name to the ancient tradition of storytelling from this culture. The sustainable label is therefore more than a jewelry line. It is keeping this (old) tradition alive and honoring by sharing stories with each other with the aim of providing us with lasting strength. By investing in your own STORY, you can also leave something to the next generation.

The designs of our jewelry are based on the centuries-old designs, materials and techniques of the Amazigh jewelry. These authentic Amazigh jewels show an ancient cross-cultural contact through the trans Sahara and Mediterranean trade routes. Generations of Imazighen form a strong bond with the Jewish community that dominated the jewelry industry in Morocco.

Amazigh jewelry is the result of various collaborations between the Jewish craftsmen who made the jewelry, the Amazigh men who commissioned it and the Amazigh women who then incorporated it into their behavioral environment and gave it their own symbolic, social and metaphysical meaning.

STONES STORIES designs with respect for this craft and while maintaining the authenticity for the modern and powerful woman of today.

The materials used in the jewelry are mainly the same materials that were used in the centuries-old tradition. Think of silver (e.g. coins) and amber. In addition, we use shells and various types of stones (e.g. jade).

Each design is unique, so you’re guaranteed to invest in your own STORY.